Projects: Buildings & Town planning

Cascina Merlata Park Expo

New temporary parking areas for “EXPO 2015”

The temporary parking spaces located on the Cascina Merlata area for the entire duration of the EXPO 2015 Exhibition are mainly intended for buses, even though the project envisages also a motorcycle parking and a taxi zone directly connected to the south entrance of the exhibition site.

  • Owner/client:EuroMilano S.p.A.
  • Location:Milan
  • Type of service:Final and Detailed Design; Works Management
  • Period:2014-2015
  • End of work:2015
  • Cost:€ 27.000.000

The Cascina Merlata area has been identified as the most appropriate area for the carrying out the temporary access to EXPO 2015, in consideration of its proximity with the exhibition site as well as for its particular position within the road network.

The new parking lots have been located on the northern side of the park serving the new neighborhood, close to the pedestrian walkway crossing the A4 motorway. The works include also the creation of a control and access area to the exhibition site.

During 2014-2015 Pro Iter S.r.l. has designed and supervised the implementation of the works. Whereas three different construction sites were simultaneously open on the area, and precisely for carrying out the pedestrian walkway, the Expo Bridge, and the artificial tunnel under the area of Cascina Merlata, the coordination among the construction sites provided by Pro Iter was essential to the fast execution of the works.