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Shopping Center in Solari street

Shopping Center in Solari street

Building of 5 storeys (2 underground storeys)

It is a shopping block open to the public, consisting of 2 underground floors for garages, 2 shopping and storeroom floors and 1 penthouse floor.

  • Owner/client:Immobiliare Porto s.r.l.
  • Location:Milan
  • Type of service:Preliminary, Final and Detailed Design; Works Management; Safety Coordination Design and during Construction
  • Period:2001 - 2005
  • Cost:€ 20.000.000

The structures consist of continuous-beam foundations and a reinforced concrete bed, with vertical reinforced concrete elements cast in situ with mixed steel-concrete sections. The roofing structures are made of steel.

The most significant aspects of the project were:

  • application of ordinance 3274/2003 regarding the assessment of structural behavior under the effect of seismic loads;
  • horizontal static floor slabs supported by pillars without capitals (area of single continuous slabs: 16.0 X 12.0 square meters);
  • study into industrializing the process of building the floor pillars to achieve an average formwork turnover time of 5 working days;
  • floor on ground level, for shops, made with mixed steel - concrete section (solid wall steel beam, reinforced concrete slab, and Nelson-type stud connectors);
  • construction of part of the ground floor before building the final foundation structure and underlying floor, supported by metal beams resting on plinths placed on micropiles and metal beams hanging on the wall header beam. This area was able to carry vehicles for the whole construction period.