Projects: Buildings & Town planning

Multipurpose complex in Assago

Works for the provision of services – Multi-Annual Program of Measures in the area D4

The project regards the site development involved in building a new multipurpose district in the Assago town council area (about 218,000 square meters), with shopping areas, entertainment areas, bars, restaurants, cinemas, accommodation and offices.

  • Owner/client:Milanofiori 2000 s.r.l.
  • Location:Town of Assago
  • Type of service:Preliminary, Final and Detailed Design; Works Management; Safety Coordination Design and during Construction
  • Period:2005 - 2010
  • Cost:€ 30.300.000

The initiative concerns an area named D4, located in the north-east area of the municipal territory of Assago and bordering east on the Naviglio Pavese and west on the A7 Milan-Genoa motorway.

The multipurpose design is aimed at creating a new district serving as a catalyst for the development of the surrounding area. The buildings will mainly contain commercial spaces, places of entertainment, cafés, restaurants, cinemas, accommodating facilities and an office complex, as well as housing opportunities for people in charge.

The road system designed to serve the new multipurpose settlement fits into a wider range of initiatives aimed at decongesting the area in outer Milan: reference is made in particular to the creation of an intercity connection between Milan-Rozzano-Assago, which shall provide an alternative to local flows and relieve the existing roads.

Particular attention was paid to making engineering choices in order to allow the sponsor to comply with the assigned budget, by:

  • ground stabilization using lime in order to allow the reuse of material from the excavation works carried out to build the roads;
  • structural optimization of major and minor structures;
  • advice on the choice of finishing materials in order to combine look and durability with low costs.

The design was carried out in close coordination with the building designers to ensure the uniformity and coherence of the whole area: this is continuing during the works management.