Projects: Underground engineering

Brenner Base Tunnel

Preliminary lot Aica-Mules

In a first step, the work has involved the detailed design of the Exploration Gallery Aica-Mules. Subsequently, during the preparation of the construction documents, the Mules Window was redesigned in order to adapt dimensions to the new needs resulting from the ventilation system of the Base Tunnel. Finally, during works, the following steps were planned: restoration and reinforcement of the coating as well as consolidation of the rock mass after the accident occurred approx. at chainage km 6.5 of the Gallery, where the fault zone of Rio Bianco is crossed, which had resulted in collapse of approx. one hundred meters of rings made of pre-cast segments and in the shield being stopped.

  • Owner/client:Brenner Basistunnel BBT SE
  • Location:Autonomous Province of Bolzano
  • Type of service:Detailed and for Construction Design
  • Period:2005 - 2010
  • Cost:€ 80.000.000

The Exploration Gallery serves both for geologic-geomechanical prospecting during works, for logistic purposes (drainage and discharge of groundwater, conveying of excavated material, logistic access to the south yard), and for serving the Base Tunnel during operation.

The design has been completed with the development of a monitoring, prospecting, measurement and survey campaign in order to allow the subsequent proper design of the Base Tunnel.

The Mules Window is a winze with approx. 10% slope, allowing access to the Base Tunnel from the main excavation site.

The Unterplattner tunnel is used to convey the excavated material to the main deposit of Hinterrigger during works.

The excavations are entirely located in the so-called Brixen Granite, except for those for the Unterplattner tunnel (Brixen quartziferous Phyllites). The overburden reaches 1200 m.