Projects: Buildings & Town planning

New shopping center 'Il Gigante'

Construction of the new shopping center in Ornato street in Milan

The creation of the shopping and craft center has involved the erection of a prefabricated building with an irregular shape and several floors (3 underground and 3 above ground), the creation of new inner roads including the bridge over the Seveso torrent (trough bridge with orthotropic steel deck and 22.50+22.50 m spans), and the modification of the public road network on Ornato street with the relevant development works.

  • Owner/client:Giovanni Villa s.r.l.
  • Location:Milan
  • Type of service:Preliminary, Final and Detailed Design; Works Management
  • Period:2005 - 2014
  • End of work:2014
  • Cost:€ 29.650.000

The building is a single block developing on 3 floors above ground: the floors have different heights according to the functions that shall be performed on each of them. A car park occupies the three basement and underground floors, at -2.10 m, -5.30 m and -8.50 m height respectively. The shopping center, consisting of a supermarket, a small shop and a craft store, is located on floor +1.30 m; and the upper floors host the craft activities. The latter are located at +9.10 m height, around two green courtyards that allow natural exposure and illumination of several spaces, as well as at +14.00 m height (only on the long side, towards Bresso). The façades of these spaces are all made of glass.

The main front of the building features a square (at +1.30 m height) covered by a shelter of glass and steel (at +15.60 m height), conceived as the core and representative image of the measure: for this reason, the shelter has been made of materials that highlight the perceptive impact and the governing character of the whole project. On the rear of the building (at +9.10 m height) there is an area, properly concealed, accommodating the systems needed for operation of the complex. The (plane) coverage accommodates wide terraces at +14.00 m height.

The new road system consists of a main access route (which departs from Aldo Moro street and reaches Ornato street passing over the Seveso torrent) and two entrances in both driving directions (one from Ornato street and the other from Papa Giovanni XXIII street in Bresso for the car park on floor -1). As mentioned in the minutes of the interdepartmental conference, the design was developed taking into account the future construction of the Milan-Desio tramway along Ornato street.

The overhead work over the Seveso torrent consists of a trough deck entirely made of structural metalwork, developing on two identical spans (22.50 m) over a total width of approx. 8.70 m. The steel bearing structure consists of a central orthotropic plate, fastened at the ends to two girders with a double-T section.