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Hydro installation on the rio Bosco

Hydro installation on the rio Bosco

New installation in the municipality of Cortina d’Ampezzo

The design, which together with the environmental prefeasibility study is attached to the application for water diversion for hydroelectric use, defines a run-of-river installation for using the resources of the Rio Bosco.

  • Owner/client:Dolomiti Derivazioni s.r.l.
  • Location:Cortina d'Ampezzo
  • Type of service:Preliminary Design for Application for Grant; Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Period:2012
  • Cost:€ 4.000.000

The 'drop' intake structure, located at 1708.00 m above sea level, consists of a fixed weir featuring a diversion channel fed by a sub-horizontal intake grid. The channel, which develops on the left bank, conveys water to the sand trap from where it gets into the load tank. This is where the steel pressure pipe (DN1600) originates, which develops underground over a length of approx. 1780 m, always on the left bank.

The water so diverted shall be used in the turbine power plant (equipped with a horizontal axis two-jet Pelton turbine) located on the left bank of the Rio Felizon, just downstream of where it joins the Rio Bosco. An open return pipe with direct water delivery into the Rio Felizon shall also be laid here. Architectural design of the power plant by Architect Vincenzo Valentini.

All the works making up the installation are located in the municipality of Cortina d'Ampezzo.