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New route for the S.S. 106 'Jonica'

New route for the S.S. 106 'Jonica'

Upgrading and widening works on the S.S.116 in the province of Reggio Calabria

The project is materially subdivided into two sections, and is characterized by a high number of structural works underground (tunnels) and in the open air (viaducts).

  • Owner/client:A.N.A.S. S.p.A.
  • Location:Province of Reggio Calabria
  • Type of service:Preliminary Design; Feasibility Study; Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Period:2004 - 2007
  • Cost:€

The new route for the existing S.S.106 'Jonica', in the sections Melito Porto Salvo - Palizzi and Bova Marina - S. Ilario (in the province of Reggio Calabria), is a part of the E90 European route, and it represents one of the functional mega-lots that make up the important route of quick regional communication between the towns along the Ionian coast, from Reggio Calabria to Taranto.

Section 1 starts downstream of the crossing of the Melito torrent in the Prunella district (where it connects to the previous ML05 mega-lot), and it ends in the San Pasquale district, where it connects to the existing S.S.106: over its length of approx. 16 km it has 4 junctions, 14 viaducts (among which the 'Amendolea' viaduct with 43 spans and a total length of 1'642 m) and 16 two-pipe tunnels (among which the 'Bova II' tunnel, which extends for approx. 1.8 km).

Section 2 starts 1.5 km west of Spopolo, and it ends in the S. Ilario district north of Ardore Marina: over its length, which slightly exceeds 37 km, it has 5 junctions, 28 viaducts (among which the 'Careri' viaduct with 44 spans and a total length of 2'566 m) and 23 two-pipe tunnels with a length ranging from 1'540 m of the 'Principe' tunnel to 95 m of the 'Vurgia' tunnel.

Thanks to this work, it will be possible to move transiting traffic outside the urban areas, and to maintain only the local functions on the current route, so that these areas can experience a significant improvement in environmental terms.