Projects: Buildings & Town planning

A new Convention Center in Milan

The 'MIC Plus' is the largest Convention Center in Europe

The Works Management has supervised the construction of the 'MIC Plus - Milan Convention center'.

  • Owner/client:Sviluppo Sistema Fiera S.p.A.
  • Location:Milan
  • Type of service:Works Management
  • Period:2010 - 2011
  • End of work:2011
  • Cost:€ 50.000.000

Since 2011, the new 'MIC Plus' is the largest Convention Center in Europe. The characteristic architectural sign is the 'Comet', a luminous roofing extending for 15'000 square meters and 46 meters height.

The architectural design was edited by the architect Mario Bellini for the facades and by the architect Pierluigi Nicolin for the organization of interior spaces.

The works have affected of the expansion and reconversion to conference purposes of the Pavilions 5 and 6 of 'FieraMilanoCity' and their integration with the current adjacent MIC. The new Convention Center include an Auditorium with 1'500 seating, a Plenary Hall with 4'500 seating, 73 modular rooms from 20 to 2'000 seating, 54'000 square meters of exhibition space, an underground car park.