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Upgrading of the motorway A8

Upgrading of the motorway A8

IV lane of the 'Milano-Laghi' motorway

The improvement design includes the widening to four and three driving lanes of the A8 Fiorenza – Lainate interconnection and the Lainate interconnection - Gallarate stretches respectively.

  • Owner/client:SPEA Ingegneria Europea S.p.A.
  • Location:Provinces of Milan and Varese
  • Type of service:Detailed Design
  • Period:1997 - 1998
  • End of work:1999
  • Cost:€ 33.570.000

The upgrading of the A8 motorway concerns the stretch Milan North-Lainate-Malpensa for an overall length of 25 km. From Lainate to the spur road in direction Como, the carriageways have been supplemented with a fourth driving lane, in addition to the emergency lane; whereas from Lainate to the spur road in direction Malpensa, the motorway has been widened from two to three lanes, plus the emergency lane. As a consequence, the works are intended to widen the carriageway by three meters, thereby creating the space needed for a true emergency lane. In addition, access to the Milan North barrier has been widened and made safer and more flowing; all safety barriers on the side of the carriageways have been replaced; and a pavement of draining asphalt shall be laid along the entire stretch in order to counteract the effect of water being sprayed and raised by tyres in the event of strong rain.

Modernization and upgrading of the motorway stretch have been implemented in various steps and divided into three functional lots:

  • the 1st step consisted in the simple on-site widening of the motorway through recovery of the additional driving lane by means of a different organization of the existing platform;
  • the 2nd step for Lot 1 consisted in the final widening of the motorway and recovery of the emergency lane.
  • Lot 2 included the upgrading of the access roads to the Legnano junction and the detours on the S.C. Cerro-Uboldo and the S.C.302 Cantalupo, with creation of a new exit in direction Origgio;
  • Lot 3 concerned the new junction of Castellanza and the upgrading of the Busto Arsizio junction ramp in direction Milan-Malpensa.

The work was completed in October 1999.