Projects: Buildings & Town planning

New bridge on the torrent Parma

Urban redevelopment in the Parma city council area

The project concerned a crucial city interconnection point between two urban redevelopment areas: the Station area (STU Stazione) and the Via Piacenza district, where the new offices of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) will be located.

  • Owner/client:Parma Municipality
  • Location:Parma
  • Type of service:Preliminary Design; Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Period:2005 - 2006
  • Cost:€ 52.640.000

The location and overall geometry of the new bridge and connected works, defined in a feasibility study carried out by the architect Bohigas of Studio MBM, were designed to reorganize the road layout in the area.

The new bridge runs along an arc which joins the Brennero Street (East side - Station) and Reggio Street (West side - Piacenza boulevard EFSA district) arteries.
The connections between the bridge and the road network consist of two roundabouts located at Reggio Street and Brennero/Europa Street.
An underpass is planned under the railway embankment to complete the road reorganization and ensure access to the Piacenza boulevard district. It starts from the Reggio Street roundabout and runs in the direction of the new Authority offices.

As regards the additional aims of the new road and city layout created by the bridge, two underground car parks are planned at the two Reggio Street and Brennero/Europa Street roundabouts, together with six service industry buildings located along the bridge roadbed itself, with heights varying from two to four floors, and a 14-storey building located on Reggio Street for accommodation use.

The overall layout also includes pedestrian access with a system of paths, landscaping and urban enhancement.