Projects: Environmental remediations

Portovesme Industrial Estate

Portovesme Industrial Estate

Environmental remediation of the metallurgical site of Portoscuso (SU).

The design activity falls within the scope of implementing the operational safety of the area through an ordinary remediation procedure pursuant to article 242 of Legislative Decree 152/2006 (Environmental Consolidation Act).

  • Owner/client:HPC Italia S.r.l.
  • Location:Portoscuso (SU)
  • Type of service:Detailed Design; Works Management; Safety Coordination
  • Period:2016 - present
  • Cost:€ 25.000.000

The production site of Portoscuso, extracting lead and zinc since 1970, is located within the industrial area of Portovesme, in south-western Sardinia. The plant covers an area of 70 ha and is part of the Sites of National Interest Sulcis Iglesiente Guspinese.

In 2013, as a result of heavy metal contamination found in superficial and deep soil samples, an Operational Remediation Plan was submitted to the relevant Authorities according to Legislative Decree 152/06.

The Plan is set up as a Project for Operational Security and consists of excavation, disposal (Stage 1A) and subsequent waterproofing of affected surfaces (Phase 1B) using specific high-performance waterproofing packages.

Given the complexity and extent of the area, as well as the restrictions imposed by having to work in an operating plant, the activities envisaged in Phase 1 are divided into 5 different Functional Lots.

The complete remediation of the site (Phase 2) will be most certainly only be carried out upon completion of the production activities (currently no time horizon has been defined).

The detailed design of the station for the temporary storage of reclaimed material and the remediation works covering Phases 1A-1B (1st and 2nd Functional Lots) were carried out by Pro Iter Ambiente in 2015. The company was also responsible for works supervision and Health & Safety Management activities.

The review of the Operational Remediation Plan (October 2017) provided for the update of the remediation targets concerning some contaminated Sites of National interest, in accordance with the Risk Analysis Guidelines issued by the Ministry for Environment, Land and Sea Protection in 2014 and approved in February 2018.
The review required the provision of alternative design solutions for construction: the preparatory activities for the detailed design of the 3rd Functional Lot are currently underway.