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Alternative route to Villanterio

Alternative route to Villanterio

Upgrading of ex S.S.412 'Val Tidone'

The project represents an extract of broad upgrading program of the 'S.P. past S.S.412 of Val Tidone', segment between Torrevecchia Pia and Pieve Porto Morone places.

  • Owner/client:Province of Pavia
  • Location:Villanterio
  • Type of service:Final Design
  • Period:2007 - 2009
  • Cost:€ 7.340.000

The project concern particularly the 'variant road of the Villanterio town' through Falcone place (near the Valera Fratta municipal boundary) and S.P. former S.S.235.

Among the project, isolated from the main track, is the construction of a roundabout instead of the current intersection with traffic lights at the entrance of Villanterio (present-day intersection of the S.P. former S.S.412 and the S.P. former S.S.235). The typical section of the road belongs to the 'Category C1 - suburban secondary', with a total length of 10.50 meters tarred road.

The two roundabouts of the new track (North and East) are similar, with outer radius equal to 26.50 m; meanwhile the entrance roundabout to Villanterio has an outer radius of 23 m.
The main structures include two siphon on Marocco stream, two flyovers (across Malcontenta Farmhouse and Castellazzo Farmhouse), an underpass (Cattaneo Farmhouse) and a bridge over the Lambro Meridionale river. The minor structures include a sequence of box and tubular section products used for solving interferences with superficial water network.

The most important structure is the 'Lambro meridionale' bridge, which presents an horizontal development equal to 55.50 m in single-span into a simple support. The deck is made up of steel-concrete, while the shoulders (a type of "full height" and the other type of "loop") are completely made of cast-in-place with an indirect foundations with large diameter poles (D=1500mm).