Works & Construction Management

Shopping center in Milan, Washington Street

In-town shopping centre with two underground floors for garages
Owner/client Vulcano 2001 s.r.l.
Type of service Final, Detailed and for Construction Design; Works Management; Safety Coordination Design and during Construction
Location Milan
Period 2002 - 2006
End of work 2006
Cost € 18.000.000

The project regarded all the design stages and safety coordination and works management of a building open to the public destined for the large-scale retail trade.

The building consists of 2 underground floors for garages, 1 floor for sales and warehouses, 1 floor for service rooms and offices, and 1 penthouse floor for external service rooms.

The structure consists of continuous-beam foundations and plinths, and vertical reinforced concrete elements cast in situ. The sales area roofing structures are made of steel.


2 underground storeys.

Shopping zone

1 storey for shopping and storage.

Technical room

1 storey for technical room and offices; 1 roof storey for technical rooms.

The main significant aspects of the project were:

a) Application of ordinance 3274/2003 regarding the assessment of structural behavior under the effect of seismic loads;

b) Horizontal static floor slabs supported by pillars without capitals (area of single continuous slabs: 16.0 x 12.0 square meters);

c) Study into industrializing the process of building the floor pillars to achieve an average formwork turnover time of 5 working days;

d) Steel roofing with Vierendeel beams, crisscrossed so as to allow service networks to pass through.

The building was completed in 2006.