Works and Construction Management

Supervision, coordination and management of Contracts and works execution

In the construction phase, PRO ITER P&CM actively contributes to the realization of the work in the pre-established times and costs.

In the fields of Works and Construction Management, some of our services are:

  • Supervision, coordination and management of the Contract during the works progress.
  • Approval of the construction project produced by the contractor.
  • Job reporting drafting for a correct and timely information of the Client on the works progress and the Program with update on the final projection.
  • "As Built" drawings, work progress reports, technical-accounting site management.
  • Planning and coordination of the activities entrusted to the various companies and any direct supplies.
  • General and specialized Works Management activities.
  • Safety Coordination activities during Execution (CSE).
  • High Supervision.
  • Verifications of the works correct execution.
  • Technical modifications and variant surveys.
  • Client assistance in litigation.
  • Assistance during testing phase.