Environmental permits

Ex inert quarry in Ghislarengo

Subjection verification to Environmental Impact Assessment of a photovoltaic plant
Owner/client Repower Renewables
Type of service Environmental permits
Location Ghislarengo Municipality
Period 2020
Cost -

The design of a ground-mounted photovoltaic plant (and related works of connection to the National Transmission Grid) was necessary in the Vercelli province, as part of an initiative for the electricity production from renewable sources.

The project includes these realizations:

  • a photovoltaic plant with an installed capacity of about 17.035 MW consisting of double-sided crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules installed on mobile structures with single-axis solar tracking;
  • a storage system of the energy produced with a total size of 6.25 MW and energy capacity of 12 MWh;
  • a 30 kV medium voltage (MV) underground cable to convey the electrical energy produced by the photovoltaic field and the storage system to the MV collection cabin located in the MV/HV transformation station;
  • a MV/HV electrical transformation station;
  • an HV connection to the National Transmission Grid (NTG) for feeding the produced energy into the grid.

The photovoltaic field will be built in the Ghislarengo municipality (in San Grato), in a former aggregate quarry currently used for agricultural purposes, while the connection works will involve the municipalities of Arborio, Greggio and Villarboit.

Process A

Procedure of verification of subjection to EIA.

Process B

Land use capacity downgrade procedure.

Process C

Quarry closure procedure.

For the purposes of the procedure of Verification of Environmental Impact Assessment required for the project, a Preliminary Environmental Study was prepared, accompanied by a series of specialized studies aimed at assessing the potential impacts related to the construction and operation of the new plant, including: Acoustic and atmospheric emissions report; Electromagnetic fields report; Incidence study; Archaeological report for preventive verification of archaeological interest; Agronomic report.

They have also been defined and designed works of environmental and landscape insertion such as green wings with arboreal-arbustive composition and coloring of electrical stations in order to mitigate the visual impact and a proper integration of the plant in the landscape context.

It was also prepared a pedological report, based on field investigations, to support the procedure of declassification of the capacity of land use essential for the suitability of the site for the installation of photovoltaic systems on the ground.

For the operating phase, the impacts will be related only to the visual impact due to the presence of the plant, on which appropriate mitigation measures have been designed, and the occupation of land on which will be defined with the authorities the most appropriate compensation works and priority areas of intervention.

The studies have shown that the main impacts associated with the construction phase, with appropriate mitigation, will be temporary and reversible.