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PRO ITER Ambiente manages and develops Gis.Co. data platform

07 Mar 2017

PRO ITER Ambiente, in collaboration with Mesys S.r.l., manages and develops the Gis.Co. data platform, a support web application to Companies in the management of environmental processes (remediation procedures, asbestos management, environmental due diligence, decommissioning, environmental monitoring plans, permitting, environmental management systems): the software manages processes data, information and deadlines.

In 2016, PRO ITER Ambiente, through the Gis.Co. platform, managed and reviewed data and administrative/environmental aspects of approximately 300 sites submitted to environmental proceedings. This activity allowed the completeness constant control, quality and validity of the information used to assets managing, while also ensuring a verification and control role over the various partners work involved in the various proceedings (i.e. managers, contractors, companies).

More than 6,000 administrative, technical and design documents were managed by the data platform, providing the client, companies and professionals operating on the sites with both an online environmental management service and an interface able to guarantee constant control of the processes (deadlines, fulfilments, prescriptions, regulatory obligations).

By means of an automatic communication system, all the figures involved in the management of environmental procedures were constantly informed of deadlines by means of alerts. In addition, the PRO ITER Ambiente staff working on the platform ensured a constant and timely response to all the requests for action generated by the more than 350 users who have access to the platform.

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