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Italian Concrete Conference 2022

20 Sep 2022

On October 12, the Italian Concrete Conference - ICC 2022, the biennial event, organized by aicap and CTE, will open in Naples, Italy, bringing together all those involved in and interested in concrete structures and providing an opportunity for principals, professionals, builders, technology and materials manufacturers, academics, and public administrators to meet and exchange views.

All over the world, the resumption of social activities, after the pandemic, is developed with the intention of promoting the ecological transition, which in Italy finds a strong impetus in the development of the PNRR, offering new insights for debate, for the continuous improvement of construction techniques of infrastructures and construction, which must take place taking into account the modern requirements of sustainability, referring both to new constructions and to maintenance, adaptation or rehabilitation of the existing heritage.

Our specialists, following the event, will also have the opportunity to present the article "The Artificial Gallery of the 2nd Lot of the Northwest Merano Ring Road".

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