Project Management

'Principe Amedeo' in Milan

Renovation and reconstruction of office building
Owner/client Beni Stabili S.p.A. SIIQ
Type of service Project Management; General Works Management
Location Milan
Period 2017 - 2020
End of work 2020
Cost € 10.300.000

Turnkey contract for the fully finished and functional interior renovation work, with extension of roof space and new construction work. Creation of office space and new construction of a volume in the inner courtyard for use as a restaurant.

The original building, which dates back to 1871, has undergone considerable changes over the course of time until it reached its current conformation. The project envisages an organic renovation of the entire building, with renovation of both internal and external areas, replacement of windows and doors, renovation of all surfaces and reorganisation of the internal layout.

The historic façade, dating back to the end of the 19th century, is undoubtedly the most valuable element of the property and will be entirely restored and brought back to a level of quality appropriate to its value. The courtyard will be transformed from a parking area into a green courtyard, becoming the heart of the entire property complex. Native plant species will be planted.

Photo courtesy of COVIVIO.


The extremely heterogeneous roofs will be reorganised by demolition and reconstruction, creating a flat roof and a new glass volume. Terraces will be created for the offices and the mechanical units will be installed, suitably shielded and acoustically insulated. The roof of the new glazed volume will be made of metal grating.

The courtyard building will be demolished and rebuilt: it will be built with the same materials as the new roof volume in order to give continuity and homogeneity to the whole renovation project.

The project includes the replacement of all the plant engineering, the insulation of all the building's dispersing walls and the application of the LEED protocol (LEED GOLD Objective) in order to achieve maximum environmental sustainability. Air source heat pumps will be used, no gas fired systems will be used.

Key features of the renovation work: 7,000 sqm of office space (including the restaurant building); fully glazed roof volume with office space (465 sqm); complete flexibility of the spaces in terms of plant engineering with separate consumption metering; LEED Gold certificate.