Environmental permits

Offshore Cipro

Environmental Impact Assessments to hydrocarbons offshore exploration
Owner/client ENI Cyprus Limited
Type of service Environmental Impact Assessment
Location Cyprus
Period 2017 - present
Cost -

HPC AG; P. Nicolaides & Associates; PRO ITER Ambiente (15%); TEA Sistemi

The planned activities envisage the drilling of exploration wells in three different blocks of the Exclusive Economic Zone of Cyprus as well as the realization of a logistics base at the port of Limassol and the use of support boats departing from the port and of helicopters departing from the airport of Larnaca.

As provided for by the project, an Environmental, Social and Health Impact Study (ESHIA) was prepared in relation to the activities, both off- and onshore, for each exploratory well.

Considering the existence of several conservation areas along the coast, of marine areas with high values of biodiversity and protected species, particular attention was given to the analysis and evaluation of the biotic components (Marine Sensitivity Assessment).


Exploratory wells at sea over 70 km from the coast (sea depth: 1,500÷2,000 m).

Logistics base

Land base preparation (about 10,000 sqm) in the port of Limassol.


Use of Larnaca Airport.

Sensitive receptors

Presence of marine habitats, protected species and restricted areas.

Archaeological finds

Presence of finds on the seabed.

In order to assess the degree of vulnerability of marine organisms to possible pressures caused by the planned activities, a specific "Marine Sensitivity Assessment" was done for each of the three exploration scenarios.

According to local regulations, a stakeholder engagement program was developed with the scope of identifying, through public consultations, the expectations and opinions of the parties potentially affected by the project.

The environmental monitoring plans have been prepared both onshore (in relation to the environmental components at the logistics base) and offshore (containing indications on the monitoring to be carried out both during and after the drilling activities foreseen for each well).