Works & Construction Management

Building in San Fedele square, Milan

Redevelopment of a building symbol of Milan's cultural and financial tradition
Owner/client COIMA SGR S.p.A.
Type of service Works Management
Location Milan
Period 2018 - in progress
Cost € 8.200.000

SERCOS Servizi Costruzioni

In a historical phase in which important urban areas of Milan are being redeveloped and brought to a new beauty, even the center, rich in ancient buildings often brought to obsolescence, finds itself involved in the process of recovery of past splendor that now intertwine with sustainability and modernity. It is in this context that the regeneration of Palazzo San Fedele by COIMA takes place.

The redevelopment of this historical 'jewel', designed by Studio Asti Architetti, will allow San Fedele to renew its majesty, preserving the elegance and beauty of the original environments but enriching them through an intervention of sustainable innovation. The beauty of San Fedele reflects the context that embraces it, starting from the refinement of the neoclassical facade. Its linearity caresses the eye and the rigor of the structure is softened by the large windows that open onto the square, giving air and light but above all creating a space of connection between the outside and the inside of the building, like a gap, an invitation to enter.



Gross Internal Area

11'300 sqm total; 9'500 sqm for offices; 1'800 sqm for retail

Gross External Area

840 sqm for terrace

8 floors above ground, 2 underground floors for technical rooms, storages, retail.

The historical facade of the building in Piazza San Fedele will be restored maintaining the existing stone finishes, the facades will be cleaned and the windows and doors will be completely replaced. The modularity of the windows and doors allows flexibility in the composition of the interior spaces according to the needs of the tenant. The design of the new elements foreseen is articulated in a system of opening doors and windows with aluminum frames with thermal break and brass/bronze finish.

The office spaces are conceived with a view to maximum flexibility: the perimeter areas along the facades can be dedicated to modular office spaces, while the areas adjacent to the core and in the central area of the typical floor, can be used for the creation of support areas (copy area, coffee area, focus room, meeting room, smart working, checkroom and waiting rooms).

The PRO ITER P&CM construction management team, currently engaged in the General Construction Management activities, has managed the complicated strip-out phase of the entire property (in the heart of Milan, a few steps from the Duomo, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and Piazza della Scala) and is about to continue its work, alongside the client, until the hand-over with the tenant.