New road system in Bergamo

Connection between the interurban road, the new fair and Borgo Palazzo street
Owner/client Bergamo Municipality
Type of service Preliminary and Final Design; Safety Coordination Design
Location Bergamo
Period 2007 - 2009
Cost € 10.250.000

The project concerns the construction of a new urban road system in the municipality of Bergamo, associated to the creation of a connection between Lunga street and Borgo Palazzo street, which are the roads entering the town from East, and combined with a footway and cycle lane that is a part of the urban action plan for mobility.

The engineering choices meet the need to respect a number of restrictions along the corridor under study.

Underpass for railway line

Box section jacking technique in reinforced concrete cast in situ, internal dimensions 12.30x6.50 meters, 19 meters long.

Artificial tunnel

Box section in reinforced concrete with diaphragms (internal dimensions 12.30x6.50 meters, 26.7 meters long).

Restrictions along the corridor under study:

a) The underground crossing of the Bergamo-Brescia railway, performed by the box jacking technique;

b) Proximity to the fair and the relevant systems, which has influenced the layout of the road axis. In addition, the ways in and out of the east sector of the fair have been totally revised for greater availability to users;

c) The interferences with the Urgagna and Morlino di Grassobbio ditches, which flow parallel to the new road system and for which a deviation project has been developed;

d) The power substation of the State railway line, the earthing system of which generated an interference with the project;

e) An important pressure pipe of the waterworks supplying the municipality of Bergamo, with a restricted area of 4 m width.

Against this background, in order to limit the overall size of the work and the consumption of land, the sections approaching the subway consist of cutting between retaining walls, with driving cover sections to ensure soil permeability.

Engineering choices were aligned with the need to respect a whole range of constraints along the study corridor.