Works & Construction Management

AXA in Milan, Monte Rosa street

Redevelopment and reconditioning of the building with revision of the layout to a multi-tenant building
Owner/client AXA Real Estate Investment Managers SGP
Type of service Works Management
Location Milan
Period 2020 - 2024
Cost € 43.600.000

The project to renovate the complex at Via Monte Rosa 91, designed by the Renzo Piano Building Workshop, aims to create a new multifunctional centre, dedicated to the entire city. For this reason it has been designed for work but also for social and cultural life, offering offices, shops, food & beverage areas and a hill with paths and relaxation areas.

The current complex is the work of the Renzo Piano Building Workshop, which had already transformed the old Isotta-Fraschini industrial site between 1998 and 2004, renewing its character and destination. The complex consists of three office buildings arranged in a horseshoe shape on five above-ground levels and two underground levels. The total surface area is about 40,000 square metres. Internally there is a garden level and an evocative green hill.


LEED Platinum building sustainability class.


Project developed with BIM methodology.


Total SLP 40,000 sqm.

The project had an advanced vision in which it managed to combine work and urban life in the same context. Today, 15 years after its first transformation, the original idea is resumed and enhanced with a new project entrusted once again to the vision of the Renzo Piano Building Workshop.
The new project is based on the concepts of transparency and openness: the objective is to offer a multifunctional space, perfectly integrated into the urban fabric and city life. A solution that combines the business needs of a professional structure with the commercial and relational potential of a meeting place.
The horseshoe shape remains unchanged. The entrance to all the buildings is from the ground floor of the main building, where two commercial premises for Food & Beverage or retail have been created facing the street.
The lobby houses the reception desk, which allows the management of flows to the other buildings, the meeting rooms, the events area and the garden level.
The large windows covering the offices create openness and a sense of continuity between the street level and the heart of the complex, increasing the depth and allowing a glimpse of the green hill inside. A concrete representation of the design vision of integration between public and private dimensions.

Energy efficiency is another of the complex's objectives: the renovation project, specifically designed to make the entire structure more efficient, has obtained LEED Platinum certification which, in addition to guaranteeing quality, gives the complex even greater prestige.