Roads & Motorways

Brixen ring road

Design of two tunnels
Owner/client Province of Bolzano
Type of service Final and Detailed Design
Location Brixen
Period 1999 - 2004
End of work 2011
Cost € 25.000.000

On April 16, 2011 the new ring of Brixen was inaugurated and opened to traffic.

The works for the construction of the first lot of the ring road for the Brixen residential area started in September 2006.

This enabled motor vehicle traffic to skirt round the city by means of an alternative route to the S.S. 'del Brennero', which crossed the part of the built-up area located west of the Isarco river, from the industrial area south of the city as far as the northern border with the municipality of Varna, where the extension of the new route was planned.

During the first half of the Nineties the local authorities discussed the question of the corridor location at length, and they finally chose the current location, since this was the sole solution able to meet the requirements of feasibility, economic balance and road connection with the city center and the northern outskirts.

The development of the design made it necessary to locate the route, mainly underground, west of the residential area, in an area that is highly urbanized and rich in facilities.

North tunnel

783 meters total length; Natural tunnel stretch: 101 meters; Artificial tunnel stretch: 682 meters; 1 safety exit; 1 ventilation shaft.

South tunnel

1237 meters total length; Natural tunnel stretch: 1100 meters; Artificial tunnel stretch: 137 meters; 3 safety exits; 1 ventilation shaft.