Safety Coordination / Project Supervisor

Organization, coordination and work management to safeguard health, environmental quality and safety

In the design start-up phases, the Company is committed to organizing the work management to safeguard health, environmental quality and safety.
The Construction Manager performs the following functions:

  • Performs the activities and assumes the responsibilities related to the Works Manager role as defined in Articles 90-93-99-101 Legislative Decree 81/08.
  • Verifies the technical-professional suitability of the entrusted companies, of the self-employed workers and of the companies executing the worksites and ensures the management and updating of all the data relating to the companies, contractors, sub-contractors and workers, by means of a specific computer platform.
  • Drafts, verifies and updates the "General Site Emergency Plan" and shares it with the public emergency services.
  • Verifies the functionality and application of the Access Control procedures and registration service and the management of the interface with the site guard service.

During the works design and construction phases, the Company employs a qualified professionals Team who meet the requirements of the Consolidated Safety Act (Legislative Decree 81/2008) for the functions of:

  • Safety Coordination during the Design phase (CSP).
  • Safety Coordination in the Execution phase (CSE).

The consolidated experience of Pro Iter P&CM's technicians, gained in many construction sites in the infrastructure and building sector, allows the Company to perform at its best the Safety Coordination activities, in which a deep knowledge of the works and construction methods is required.