Railways & Subway

Falconara railway intersection

Jesi freight terminal: new railway shunting system
Owner/client R.F.I. S.p.A.
Type of service Final Design
Location Jesi
Period 2006 - 2008
Cost € 250.000.000

This work is part of the larger Orte - Falconara line track-doubling project, which includes building a link between the Adriatic line and the north side of the Orte - Falconara line in order to avoid shunting at the Falconara Marittima station.

A new goods shunting yard will be built near the Jesi freight terminal as part of the reorganization of the so-called 'Falconara intersection', and the present Falconara Marittima goods yard will be scrapped.

The new Jesi shunting yard will be located along the existing Orte - Falconara line, between Chiaravalle station and Jesi station, i.e. roughly between kilometres 273 and 276. The layout of the system involves groups of tracks (750 m modules) for support, traffic, shunting, deposit and arrival/departure, as well as the construction of a technological systems building and a service building. The yard occupies an area of about 30 ha.

Overpass on railway

31.50 meters total length, with 4 spans, prestressed beams and slab cast in situ in reinforced concrete.


Built using the box jacking technique (dimension 14.10x10.55 meters, Essen System).

Viaduct on railway

Deck built-in HEB1000 beams, 19.80 meters total lenght.

Among the building works involved, the most significant are: new railway flyover (4 spans, max. 31.50 m, prestressed concrete box beams and slab cast in situ); new underpass built using the box jacking technique (14.10 x 10.55 m, Essen System); new railway viaduct (deck with built-in HEB 1000 beams, 1.10 m in height and 19.80 m long).

The shunting yard has an overall constant gradient of 1.2 per thousand.

The railbed consists of a 30 cm layer of highly compacted earth and a 12 cm layer of bituminous mix sub-ballast.

The transverse gradient varies from 2.5% to 3% with several ridges.