"Boite 3" hydroelectric plant

New power plant on the Boite stream upstream of Cortina d'Ampezzo town
Owner/client Tofana S.r.l.
Type of service Preliminary and Final Design; Environmental Impact Study
Location Municipality of Cortina d'Ampezzo (BL)
Period 2014 - 2021
Cost € 6.200.000

The project, with the Environmental Impact Assessment accompanying the application for water derivation for hydroelectric use, defines a run-of-river facility for the use of the resources of the Boite stream. The intake work consists of a fixed threshold crossbeam (overflow elevation of 1242.47 m a.s.l.) to convey water from the Boite stream into a vertical intake, located on the hydraulic left. The derived water enters the de-icer, which conveys the water to the desander artifact and then to the loading tank. At the latter, the steel penstock (DN1600) originates, which runs underground for a length of about 1147 m on the hydraulic left. The use of the water thus derived is planned in the turbine power plant (equipped with two vertical axis Francis turbines) located on the left bank of the Boite stream, just upstream of the cable car departure station. Also planned at the power plant is the free-surface return channel with direct delivery of water into the Boite stream (return elevation of 1204.50 m above sea level).

The architectural design of the power plant is by Arch. Vincenzo Valentini. All the works constituting the plant are located within the municipal territory of Cortina d'Ampezzo.

Flow rate

Natural flow rate (average value): 4.474 mc/s; Available flow rate (average value): 2.678 mc/s; Available flow rate (maximum value): 6.500 mc/s

Plant production

Nominal capacity (average value): 1.0 MW; Efficient capacity (maximum value): 1.75 MW; Annual production (average value): 6.73 GWh/anno

Other features

Minimum Vital Flow: 1'200 l/s; Average hydraulic head: 37.97 m