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Segrate new road system

22 Nov 2021

PRO ITER Progetto Infrastrutture Territorio drafted and brought to the approval the new Detailed Design for the Lot 2 completion, introducing new and more reinforced anti-flooding protections during the construction phase (bringing them to + 112,00 s.l.m.) and adapting the structures for the groundwater defense during the operation phase to the considerable height of 114,00 m s.l.m.

The works were completed on July 13, 2021.

It is available for download the article extracted from the issue n° 150 November/December 2021 of "Strade & Autostrade" (https://www.stradeeautostrade.it/), a magazine published by EDI-CEM Srl.

"Strade & Autostrade" (pdf article)

"Strade & Autostrade" (web article)