Roads & Motorways

Olbia-tempio link road

Upgrading of road network in Gallura (North Sardinia)
Owner/client Region of Sardinia
Type of service Preliminary Design; Environmental Impact Assessment
Location Province of Olbia-Tempio
Period 2011 - 2013
Cost € 130.000.000

PRO ITER Prog. Infrastr. Terr. (47%), SO.TEC., Tecnolav, Studio Ing. Luigi Giglio

The project is an extension of existing route between Olbia and Tempio and changes the current road in C1-type road, according to national parameters of the Ministerial Decree 5/11/2001.

The analyzed route is composite by 3 road axis (S.S.127, S.P.136, S.P.38) passing through towns of Tempio, Calangianus, Luras, Sant'Antonio di Gallura, Telti and Olbia.

After analyzing horizontal and vertical profile of existing axis, a first planning idea was discussed with involved local administrations; in the later stage a key planning has been developed and gradually improved during discussions with customer.

The works, conforming to targets requested by Sardinia Region (functionality, technical and economic feasibility), have respected the environmental background, especially typical and fine elements highlighted in the environmental study.

Existing roadway

Adjustment for 27.20 km

Tempio Pausania ring road

New North ring road (3.70 km)

Variant of Priatu

New variant (1.80 km)

The project examined and solved many typical problems of extension works of existing roads:

1) Upgrade of cross-section road and of the horizontal and vertical profile, elevating the road's functional level;

2) Check and reactivation of the safety conditions respecting to new speed interval;

3) Construction process analysis, especially in traffic congested areas also during construction;

4) Assessment of environmental effects generated from new road network.

The overall project extend to 32.70 km, so shared: upgrade of cross-section road (27.20 km); New North bypass of Tempio (3.70 km); New Priatu bypass (1.80 km).