Construction Companies Assist.

'Famagosta' parking in Milan

Structures for interchange parking
Owner/client Codelfa Prefabbricati S.p.A.
Type of service Construction Design and Company Assistance
Location Milan
Period 1995 - 1997
Cost € 5.010.000

The final interchange parking is a multi-storey parking with 2’300 parking spaces and 3 shoulders protected by the same building at the service of bus stops.

This parking is a building with 3 storey above ground level and an uncovered terrace with parking function. The portion above ground level is a structure with precast concrete columns and precast slabs integrated by concrete mix to stiffen the structure.

The two slip roads (for entry and exit) are helical type with concrete structures cast-in-place. The pedestrian staircases and emergency (4 of helical type and 2 of straight type, with concrete structure cast-in-place) are equipped by filter room. Within the parking 3 inner spaces are obtained for storey ventilation.

The North-East parking is equipped of a signaling element composed by 3 concrete cylinders cast-in-place and 30 centimeters height, placed to form a isosceles triangle with the tops mutually connected by a supporting steel structure for electronic variable message boards. To the basis of main columns there are deep foundations with concrete footings and oversized bored piles.

Internal spaces

3 storey above ground level and an uncovered terrace.


2'300 parking spaces


3 protected roadside at the service of public bus stops.