Roads feeding the motorway system A8-A52
Owner/client Milano Serravalle Milano Tangenziali S.p.A.
Type of service Preliminary Design; Environmental Impact Assessment
Location Province of Milan
Period 2008
Cost € 221.833.000

The upgrading of part of the current route of the S.P.46 ‘Rho-Monza’ is aimed at ensuring a proper answer to the demand for mobility generated by the territory north of Milan and penalized by the high congestion of the A4 motorway and the lack of a proper alternative connection in east-west direction.

The design develops for approx. 9 km mainly in east-west direction in the area north of Milan, directly involving territories in the municipalities of: Baranzate, Bollate, Cormano, Novate Milanese, Paderno Dugnano.

It mainly consists in the on-site upgrading of the current route of the SP46 Rho-Monza, in the section between junction with the former SS35 dei Giovi in Paderno Dugnano and the one with the former SS233 Varesina in Baranzate. Two displaced stretches shall be created along the route: an alternative route north of the residential area of Baranzate and the other one parallel to the former SS35 section included between the junctions of the SP46 itself and the A52 Northern By-Pass Road of Milan.

Arched through bridge on the S.S.35

Bridge with lower travel way, with Corten steel bearing structure (covered span about 225 m).

Sound Tunnel

Tunnel with steel bearing frames and transparent curtain walls (total length: 250 m).

Viaduct at the intersection with the S.P.44/bis

3-span viaduct composed of prefabricated boxes in pre-stressed reinforced concrete.

Bridge passing over the MI-VA railway

3 spans bridge with mixed steel/cls structure, overpassing the railway line and the Seveso river.

Artificial tunnels

2 Artificial tunnels with closed frame in cast-in-place reinforced concrete.

The main route crosses a number of roads with various hierarchical levels, directly joining some of them by means of 5 multi-level junctions.

The new infrastructure falls within the category 'urban motorway' (two-direction platform with two lanes per driving direction), which makes it compatible with the performance characteristics of the previous section of the A52 motorway 'Northern By-Pass Road of Milan'.
A single-carriageway road shall also be created, mostly coplanar to the main route, aimed at ensuring local connections for the areas crossed by the expressway.

The main works of art on the designed route solve the problems associated to the crossing of watercourses, existing roads, railways and elements related to the surface hydrographic network.

Besides adaptations, for which the layout of the structures largely depends on the already existing parts, we tried to characterize the design with significant architectural details, especially in wide-span crossings. Particularly important are the wide-span arch bridge over the S.S. 35 (22.50 m in total) at the junction of Paderno Dugnano and the Sound Tunnel, a structure with a transparent 3D frame developing over approx. 250 linear meters, created in order to mitigate sound pollution.

Beyond the adaptation interventions, for which the geometries of the structures are constrained by the existing parts, we tried to characterize the design with significant elements and cured from the architectural point of view, especially in the crossings of great light.