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Road 16 highway in Jerusalem

11 May 2022

The Road 16 highway represents the new road axis of penetration into Jerusalem for those coming from Tel-Aviv. The project involves the construction of two double-tube tunnels, Har Nof and Yefe Nof, as well as two underground entry ramps in the Yefe Nof

After a brief description of the context, the layout of the infrastructure and the design choices, some peculiar aspects and critical constructive issues of the project are described. In addition to the approach that has been adopted for the construction of
sections with variable road platform geometry, from a minimum of 10 m to a maximum of 22.5 m, the excavation methods applied in the presence of low overburden, the procedures that have been implemented to deal with the excavation in rock characterized
by important karst phenomena and the methods of carrying out the excavation of the chambers of Yefe Nof tunnel are described.

It is available for download the article extracted from the issue n°137 (March 2021) "Gallerie e Grandi Opere Sotterranee", magazine of the Italian Tunnelling Society.

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