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Road 16: final breakthrough of the tunnel 'Yefe Nof'

26 Mar 2021

PPP project for Highway 16 (JV Shapir Civil & Marine Engineering Ltd & Impresa Pizzarotti & C. S.p.A): a new entrance road to Jerusalem from the west, connecting the National Highway 1 from the Motza area to Givat Shaul and Shmuel Bait Street in Jerusalem near the Givat Mordechai Interchange on Menachem Begin Avenue.

PRO ITER has been in charge of the design (Preliminary, Detailed, and For Construction) of two twin tunnels: Har Nof Tunnel, 1.5 km, and Yefe Nof Tunnel, 1.40 km.

Both tunnels have been mined in poor geotechnical conditions & karst voids, with several segments under an extremely low overburden, with a section width variable up to 25 m.

Yesterday the excavation of the tunnels, started in January 2020, has been succesfully completed with the final breakthrough of the tunnel Yefe Nof.