Project Management

Multisociety buildings in Ferrara

Renovation of the 'K17' building and its technical building ('K19')
Owner/client ENI Rewind
Type of service Final Design, Project Management
Location Ferrara
Period 2019
Cost € 5.000.000

The intervention consists in the demolition of the current building 'K17' up to ground level and the subsequent reconstruction of a new building with the same planimetric dimensions and the same volume of the current one. The intervention includes the external area arrangement (integral part of the redevelopment strategy of the building), the demolition and reconstruction of building 'K19' (technical service building of 'K17') and the enhancement of the area public image.

Building K17 is located immediately outside the multi-company plant in Ferrara. The building is intended for the Eni Rewind headquarters and in particular for the environmental laboratories located on the ground floor and the management offices on the upper floors. The building has been designed with two separate entrances, in order to make the two different activities independent. The vertical connections are guaranteed by two staircases and elevators (for safety and comfort reasons) that allow the floors distribution.

From a morphological point of view, the building has maintained its shape and volume but has been completely revolutionized from an architectural point of view.

BIM model

BIM design with level of detail LOD C.

The facade

large aluminium windows with adjustable sunshades in microperforated aluminium.

Natural lighting control

System managed by smart sensors to regulate natural lighting and optimize thermal comfort.

Energy Performance

Enclosure designed to offer the highest energy performance (Class A4).

PV generator

Photovoltaic generator with a power of 48kW; 120 crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules with a power of 400Wp (total area: 212.16 sqm).

The structure has been designed in prefabricated reinforced concrete to be dry-assembled, while the outside has been designed to offer the highest energy performance (Class A4). The building facade is composed of large aluminum windows and a system of adjustable sunshades in microperforated aluminum that characterize the aesthetic-technological aspect. This system will be managed by smart sensors that will allow to regulate the natural lighting and to optimize the thermal comfort inside the building. The outside maximum customization makes it easier to reconfigure it in case of changes in interior spaces without resorting to major transformations.

The building has a rectangular shape with plan dimensions of 73.8 m x 15.6 m and will be realized as a single structural body. The first three bays on the building North side are three floors above ground with a height of about 12 m while the remaining bays are two floors with a height of about 8.20 m. The horizontal structures will be made of prefabricated elements (pre-stressed binervated tiles), except for some limited areas near the stairwells that will be cast in place.

The photovoltaic generator placed on the roof will have a power of 48kW and will be composed of 120 crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules with a power of 400Wp and a total area of 212.16 square meters. The electrical system main design criteria were: safety, functionality, energy saving and low management and maintenance costs. The building will be equipped with a KNX home automation system and it will be possible to manage and supervise the entire normal and security lighting system, the technical alarms of the electrical panels, the security systems, the opening of the brise-soleil.

The new buildings design is based on an complete information model (Building Information Modelling): all the information are functional to the preparation of the Final Design, with detail level 'LOD C' (according to UNI 11337).

The main criteria for the electrical system design were: safety, functionality, energy saving and low operating and maintenance costs.