Buildings & Town planning

Ikea at Corsico, Milan

New link road works
Owner/client Ikea Retail Italia S.p.A.
Type of service Preliminary, Final, Detailed and for Construction Design; Works Management; Safety Coordination Design and during Construction
Location Corsico (MI)
Period 2005 - 2008
Cost € 6.300.000

Ikea Italia Property commissioned various design proposals for the road works required to make the traffic currently found around the western Milan bypass exit onto the SS 494 (Milan-Lorenteggio) main national road in the Corsico (MI) town council area more fluid and orderly.

More precisely, the works designed and in part already built regard: separating the traffic flows leaving the western Milan bypass in the Milan direction; creating new connections to the local area road network using a roundabout; upgrading a few branches of the existing road network; connecting the road network leading to the shopping centre with the road network in the Trezzano sul Naviglio council area through an underpass under the bypass; upgrading the traffic light intersections found along the S.S.494 main national road; and managing the vehicle parking spaces both during the work and in the final layout.

The main function required was to ensure suitable access conditions to the commercial districts, as well as sufficient vehicle parking capacity, during the whole period foreseen for the new sales complex building works (4 floors with 20'000 square meters of surface), while keeping the existing sales building operating (2 floors with a surface area of 13'000 square meters).

New building

4 floor; area 20'000 square meters.

Existing building

2 floor; area 13'000 square meters.

The main difficulties met from the design point of view regarded:

a) Planning the whole operation in order to avoid interrupting traffic;

b) Managing the mixed traffic flow of a large number of work vehicles and normal motor vehicles in the same areas;

c) Taking into account the requests from all the authorities and companies that own and/or run the road networks subject to alteration (ANAS, Milano-Serravalle and town council administrations) and coordinating them;

d) The proposal to build a road underpass under the bypass using the box jacking technique, thus avoiding complete closure of the bypass itself;

e) The construction of temporary structures so that the new sales complex may open in advance.

The building was completed in 2006.