Railways & Subway

Teheran Railway - Line 7

South-North stretch, Line tunnel
Owner/client Seli S.p.A.
Type of service Detailed Design
Location IRAN
Period 2008 - 2011
Cost € 120.000.000

The work concerns the design of a 9m diameter tunnel, approx. 13 km long, bored with mechanical excavation (TBM EPB) within the framework of the construction of the Teheran railway , Line 7 - south-north stretch - Line tunnels.

The work has involved engineering activities related to the construction design of the tunnel with mechanical excavation, combined with technical assistance and updating on the work in progress. A complete and feasible design had to be prepared, including a study of the interference with buildings and facilities next to the line.

Due to the crossing of a very populated area, it was necessary to carefully survey the concerned buildings and facilities, and to assess the surface subsidence caused by the tunnel excavation and the relevant effects on the structures.