A new underground road system to connect the area north of Milan
Owner/client Torno Internazionale S.p.A.
Type of service Preliminary Design; Project Finance; Prefeasibility Environmental Study
Location Milan
Period 2003 - 2005
Cost € 645.700.000

Pro Iter was appointed promoter of the 'North Milan Link Route' project in 2006. The project consisted of building a complex system of interconnected tunnels completely integrated into the surface road network in order to carry the traffic flowing from and to the city center, ease congestion of the surface road network and allow redevelopment of areas which are today in a deep state of decay, in compliance with the Milan city traffic plan guidelines.

The project stems from further development of the feasibility study drawn up by the Milan City Council. It entails building a 4 km long dual bore tunnel along the Motorways-Garibaldi artery using a tunnel boring machine, constructing an artificial tunnel along the Viale Monte Ceneri artery, and demolishing the existing flyover, which will allow redevelopment and environmental improvement of the surrounding area.


The project was characterized by:

a) Attention to the choice of building methods to ensure perfect operation and long structural life, and minimize the duration of the building operations;

b) Safety in the tunnel both in ordinary working conditions and in emergencies, with particular attention to escape routes for users (construction of escape routes under the road surface and building of a road and pedestrian bypass) and tunnel air quality (aeration, and extraction and smoke treatment system in the false ceiling);

c) Detailed survey of the expected repercussions of the new infrastructure on the mouth areas;

d) Architectural study of the same areas so the tunnel may be correctly integrated into the urban surroundings;

e) Optimization of the gradient to avoid interference with the metro and underground railway lines (existing and foreseen), and to avoid damaging the foundations of the buildings above.

The design pursues the following objectives: to enhance the system of roads feeding into Milan; to make traffic along the relevant main roads more fluid; to segregate the various modes of travel so that the local network is better available to citizens; to decongest urban roads by diverting and distributing the inbound and outbound traffic.