BREEAM Certification of Shopping Centers

Sustainability assessment of buildings in Italy
Owner/client Prelios Integra
Type of service Environmental sustainability
Location Italy
Period 2017 - 2018
Cost -

BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) is a voluntary building sustainability rating system established in the United Kingdom to assess the environmental performance of buildings. BREEAM assesses the performance of buildings against a range of environmental requirements by offering different ratings: PASS, GOOD, VERY GOOD, EXCELLENT or OUTSTANDING.

BREEAM's assessment criteria include: energy and water use, indoor environment (health and well-being), pollution, transport, materials, waste, ecology, management processes.

Following the request to bring 4 shopping centers (Tiburtino, Katanè, ESP and Puntadiferro) owned by IGD to BREEAM in Use certification, the Client was assisted in all phases of the project process in order to define, through a rating system, the environmental performance of the various shopping centers and obtain certification.

For the purposes of certification, the appointed BREEAM® Assessor carried out an audit to check and assess the environmental sustainability requirements, assigning a weighted credit score for each of the BREEAM categories.

Tiburtino and Katanè sites

VERY GOOD in Asset Performance e GOOD in Building Managment.

Puntadiferro site

VERY GOOD in Asset Performance e GOOD in Building Managment.

ESP site

EXCELLENT in Asset Performance e GOOD in Building Managment.

PRO ITER Ambiente has carried out the following activities:

  1. Preparation of the final list of sites to be certified and process methods to be implemented.
  2. Compilation of the necessary documentation for registration.
  3. Registration of the various properties on the BRE website.
  4. Evaluation of the performance of the properties to be certified with verification of the aspects required by BREEAM on the structure of the buildings, plant and equipment aspects.
  5. Evaluation of property management.
  6. Compilation of detailed questionnaires.
  7. Inspections to verify, on the various shopping centers: the structure of the building, the services present near the center, the surrounding urban fabric, the usability of the shopping center, existing facilities.
  8. Definition of improvements to be made.
  9. Monitoring of the implementation of the improvement activities agreed with the Client.

The assessments carried out in the first phase have provided indications on the state of the shopping centers and have allowed to evaluate the possible changes to be made for the improvement of the final rating also in consideration of the cost/benefit ratio.

The initial analysis of the various shopping centers confirmed the possibility of certifying the selected shopping centers through the BREEAM protocol.