Roads & Motorways

Cascina Merlata Integrated Development Plan

Primary and secondary urbanization works in Milan
Owner/client EuroMilano S.p.A.
Type of service Preliminary and Final Design, Safety Coordination during Design, Works Management
Location Milan
Period 2011 - in progress
Cost € 55.000.000

The Cascina Merlata area is at the center of a vast infrastructure system and is the natural link between the freeway section with the A4 and the road network.

The Cascina Merlata Integrated Development Plan, which is nearing completion, was implemented in two distinct phases, interspersed with the "EXPO 2015" Universal Exhibition: during the completion of the first phase works, the design and execution (as well as the subsequent dismantling) of the works relating to the temporary parking lot and the entry control system had to be dealt with in an extraordinarily short time and in an unforeseen manner.

The project of primary and secondary urbanization works has allowed the direct infrastructural connection of the municipal road system with the A4 Motorway (to the North) and with the variant to the Simplon State Road No.33 (to the South).  At the same time it has allowed the technological equipment realization to serve the sector (lighting, water and sewer lines, gas distribution networks, geothermal energy, district heating, fiber optics), green areas and equipped areas (playgrounds and rest areas, and dogs areas) and pedestrian and bicycle paths that ensure full accessibility to the park and its equipment.

Road design peculiarities

2-level highway interchange; pedestrian and bicycle mobility study

Structural design peculiarities

Structures built in the presence of water table, in subjection to traffic and interconnected with other road works; 2 pedestrian walkways (single span 40 m) of trapezoidal planimetric shape.

Environmental design peculiarities

Realization of an urban park of remarkable extension and naturalistic value.

Among the most complex issues addressed in the design and construction management are reported:

a) The implementation timing, subject to the "EXPO 2015" opening, with the design and construction in just 12 months of temporary parking (110,000 square meters), plant infrastructure and connection (20,000 square meters).

b) The infrastructural works carried out in the water table presence and executed with dewatering and waterproofing interventions during excavation by means of the wells preventive execution for the continuous extraction and groundwater pumping.

c) The works were carried out under heavy traffic and with numerous infrastructural connections with other road works (night closures were also necessary for the launch of two pedestrian walkways with a span of about 40 m).

d) Interference with the neighbouring building sites and the "Expo Village", which hosted exhibitors during the event.

e) The earth and rocks from excavation management, conducted through a methodology shared with the Regional Environmental Observatory, which involved the handling of about 800,000 cubic meters of materials.

f) Coordination for the underground services realization in the presence of multiple interferences, with the works scheduling between the various contractors and service management bodies.

g) The green areas early planting to ensure an immediate aesthetic effect, while ensuring proper rooting.

The project of the primary and secondary urbanization works allowed the direct infrastructural connection of the municipal road system with the A4 Highway (to the North) and with the variant to the Sempione State Road No.33 (to the South).