Roads & Motorways

Integrated Intervention Plan of Rozzano

Urban development works of via Manzoni and via Brodolini
Owner/client Alnus S.r.l. - Frigo Giuseppe
Type of service Works Management
Location Rozzano (MI)
Period 2011-2015
End of work 2015
Cost € 2.500.000

The main issue was to carry out the works within an area characterized by heavy traffic caused by cars, pedestrians and public transport. Further difficulties arose from the study of the phases regarding the realization of the structures next to the waterways (with culverts of considerable sizes) due to the short period of dryness of the canals.

The road works (including upgrading and new works) involved mainly:

  • Roundabout at the intersection between via Manzoni and via Brodolini;
  • Roundabout at the intersection between via Brodolini and via De Amicis;
  • Improvement of the sidewalks along via Manzoni and via Brodolini;
  • Roundabout at the intersection between via Romagna and via Mazzocchi.

During the work phases, the Works Supervision Office issued two variation orders, with the purpose of acknowledging and setting forth the improvements requested by the Municipal Administration.

Road works

Construction of 3 roundabouts carried out in consecutive phases, without disruption of traffic.

Hydraulic work

Waterways culverts structures; Provision and upgrading of the waste waters network and of the sewage connection


Upgrading of the power supply, telephone, water, district heating and natural gas networks; provision and upgrading of the public lighting network