Roads & Motorways

Out-of-Town route in province of Turin

Link road between the S.P.6, S.P.174 and S.P.175 main provincial roads
Owner/client Autostrada Torino Ivrea Valle d'Aosta S.p.A.
Type of service Final and Detailed Design
Location Beinasco e Rivolta di Torino
Period 2001 - 2002
Cost € 31.000.000

CONSORTIUM: Pro Iter s.r.l. (30%); SINA S.p.A.; Batimat s.r.l.

The design concerns the creation of a new interurban route, located just outside Turin, in order to distribute the traffic directed into the regional capital along the three main province roads crossing the area.

The measure is one of the works carried out to mitigate the environmental and traffic impact in the context of the construction of the new toll barrier of Beinasco, on the Turin-Pinerolo motorway. Here, the measure is aimed at zeroing or at least minimizing the expected traffic increase on local roads caused by the unavoidable diversion resulting from the construction of the new toll barrier.

The design consists in creating a secondary interurban road with section type IV according to CNR bulletin no. 78/80, with a cycle lane, in order to establish a connection between the S.P.6 – in the area of Pasta and the S.P.175 – in the area of Doirone.


The design pays particular attention to:

A) Road safety and function;

B) Links with the existing road network;

C) The structures required (in particular the Sangone Torrent crossing consisting of a three bay bridge with central span of 65 meters and bank spans of 43 meters);

D) Site organization and relevant building stages to avoid negative repercussions on the road network affected;

E) The "earth moving balance" (use of ground stabilization techniques with lime in order to reuse material from the excavations to build road embankments);

F) Environment, with special focus on the preservation of surface and underground water, sound mitigation and landscape setting.