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Gis.Co. IT Platform

Electronic management of environmental processes
Owner/client Syndial S.p.A., ENI S.p.A., ACR S.p.A.
Type of service Management activities of environmental data
Location Italy
Period 2015 - present
Cost -

Pro Iter Ambiente, in cooperation with Mesys s.r.l., manages and develops the Gis.Co. Platform.

Gis.Co. is an IT system able to support the management of environmental processes (remediation procedures, authorization procedures, environmental due diligence, asbestos management, environmental monitoring plans), filing and processing data, information and deadlines. The Gis.Co. platform allows the management in a centralized, unique and shared manner of all information relating to active and abandoned sites owned by Eni and Syndial in Italy and which may need to undergo environmental procedures.

The management activity is carried out by analyzing and filing all information and documents (cadastral data, plans, technical documents, regulations of the entities, etc.) as well as by storing and organizing the operational activities planned for each site along with the related responsibilities and timing.

Analysis and archiving

Over 18,500 administrative, technical and project documents.

Data management and revisions

Administrative/environmental aspects of more than 318 sites subject to environmental proceedings.

Managing requests

Generated by more than 501 users with access to the platform.

Through Gis.Co., all clients, firms and professionals working on the sites may access an online document management service (which ensures the continuous verification of completeness, quality and validity of all data used to manage assets), as well as providing an interface for the constant monitoring of processes (deadlines, duties, requirements, regulatory obligations).

A personalized user profile is created for each entity involved in the management of the environmental procedures so as to create an automatic communication system that sends alerts and tailored reports thereby facilitating the correct execution of the planned activities.

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Pro Iter Ambiente (in collaboration with Mesys s.r.l.) manages and develops the data platform Gis.Co.