Environmental remediations

Portovesme industrial hub: soil characterization

Preliminary characterization for disposal
Owner/client Portovesme S.r.l.
Type of service Environmental remediation
Location Portoscuso (SU)
Period 2016
Cost -

The Portoscuso production site, in operation since 1970 for Zinc and Lead production, is located within the Portovesme Industrial Park, in the south-western sector of Sardinia, and falls within the Sulcis-Iglesiente-Guspinese Site of National Interest.

In the area, extended to about 70 hectares, there is a contamination in soils and groundwater by compounds of an exclusively inorganic nature.

For this site in 2018, the revision of the Operational Remediation Project was approved by the MATTM with Italian Decree No. 55: this is framed as the Operational Safety Project (MISO) and affects the matrices surface soil and deep soil.

As part of the Detailed Design for the remediation of the areas of Functional Sections 1 & 2, a preliminary characterization campaign was carried out in order to:
1) Verify the waste types (identified in Detailed Design of Functional Section 1);
2) Provide a possible scenario of the waste generated for the Functional Section 2 design activities;
3) Provide, with QA/QC control procedures, a solid reference to be used in the subsequent reclamation phases.

Sampling plan

Preparation according to UNI 10802:2013, UNI 14899:2006 and UNI CEN/TR15310-1:2013.

Control Procedures

Implementation of QA/QC control procedures through the use of the Electronic Data Deliverables (EDD) protocol.

Data Quality

Use of a Data from an EPA Level III Package to provide objective evidence on data quality.

Verification of plant suitability

Verification of the appropriate final destination facility for the waste produced.

The work team was responsible for the following activities:

a) Sampling plan: drafting of a special plan preparatory to the soils preliminary characterization in order to make an initial assessment of the possible applicable contribution scenarios;

b) Definition of the analytical protocol: identification of an analytical set appropriately calibrated on the basis of the criticalities already known but at the same time sufficiently broad to include any categories of compounds recently introduced in the national regulatory framework on the characterization of waste;

c) On-site sampling: carried out by a qualified operator;

d) Chemical analysis of samples: performed according to a high standard of quality through the use of official methodologies mainly subject to ACCREDIA accreditation;

e) Data Integrity: aimed at verifying the correct application of QA/QC protocols, their results, records and quality requirements required by the analysis protocol. The Data Verification activity is aimed at verifying whether the data and results obtained are robust and accurate throughout the laboratory chain;

f) Final Report: reporting an evaluation of the results and final disposal considerations.

The soils preliminary characterization has allowed to obtain analytical data scientifically defensible by verification, evaluation and implementation of all factors and processes involved in obtaining a representative sample and the consequent obtaining of a validated data.