Works & Construction Management

New port of Ventimiglia

Land side and sea-based works, urban development works
Owner/client Cala del Forte
Type of service Final and Detailed Design; Works Management; Project & Construction Management
Location Ventimiglia
Period 2016 - present
Cost € 90.000.000

The port is located in the area of Marina S. Giuseppe within the municipality of Ventimiglia, in a stretch of coastline shaped to accommodate this type of work as a natural “extension” of the existing landing. The physically well-defined area extends from Punta della Rocca in the west to the mouth of the river Roja in the east

The project of the land side works involves an area of approx. 2 hectares and foresees the execution of: Eastern shore reinforcementbusiness spaces/services on the port platform; dry port road system and provision of a roundabout at the end of the Marconi Promenade; public and private parking spaces, situated behind the marina.

The construction of a new vertical lift will foster the restoration and enhancement of the route to "Le Calandre" beach as well as the upgrading / recovery of the interconnections with the historic center of Ventimiglia. Finally, by way of compensatory measures and with the purpose of improving the local road system, the project provides also for the requalification of the road network adjacent to the port area and of the Scoglietti tunnel.


The port layout is very compact and rational as a result of the optimized drawing of the land side works which consist of 8.616 cubic meters of commercial volumes and 430 parking spaces.

In addition to a dry berthing and a small storage service, the western commercial area encompasses the extension of both the parking and commercial zone placed around the main quay. The portion intended to shelter the vehicles has two levels, with the lowest floor below the quay level.

A central tower on the main pier, storage areas and toilets on the quay are dedicated to the boating activities. The tower is used as port reception, yacht club and port traffic control and management office.

On July 2, 2021, Prince Albert of Monaco inaugurated the port of Cala del Forte: "It's a huge gift for Ventimiglia, since it was the only city out of 30 thousand inhabitants in the Tyrrhenian Sea that didn't have a port".