Railways & Subway

Doubling of line Messina-Palermo

Fiumetorto-Cefalù-Castelbuono stretch
Owner/client Italferr S.p.A.
Type of service Final Design
Location Cefalù
Period 2001 - 2004
Cost € 413.000.000

The doubling railways project is 32 km long and includes the construction of 5 tunnels.

The double-track section of the Fiumetorto-Castelbuono line runs along side the existing track up to Lascari station, with the exception of the stretch near the Imera archaeological site, and leaves the stretch from Lascari station to Castelbuono station completely unaltered.

The Lascari-Castelbuono stretch runs mainly through tunnels, with open-air stretches at Ogliastrillo and where the track crosses the Carbone Torrent and Malpertugio Torrent. The need to avoid interference between the new railway artery and the existing road network led to designing an artificial tunnel at Lascari to cross the S.S.113 main national road.

The project also entails deviating the S.S.113 main national road into a tunnel on a new route near Castelbuono station.

Railway line

17 km total length.


5 natural tunnels, 15.5 km total lenght.

Cefalù station

Total length of Cefalù station 420 meters; Maximum length of station about 45 meters.

Track-doubling also led to transforming Lascari and Cefalù stations into underground stops.

Cefalù station is particularly interesting since it is entirely built in a bored tunnel, by widening the existing line tunnel. A special system of tunnels, duly equipped with stairs, ramps, lifts and the technological installations required to ensure rail service users safety and comfort inks with the outside. The station entrance-exit comes out onto the suitably equipped current station square.

The planned railway doubling is 32 km long and includes the construction of 5 natural tunnels.