Buildings & Town planning

'Borgoverde' residential complex

Primary site development and multi-storey car park in Vimodrone
Owner/client CI.TRA. s.r.l.
Type of service Final and Detailed Design; Works Management; Safety Coordination Design and during Construction
Location Vimodrone
Period 2001 - 2005
Cost € 16.400.000

The design concerns the works for the provision of services related to the new residential and directional center named ‘Borgoverde’ in the municipality of Vimodrone.

The works include the distribution roads inside the new compartment, the link roads with the existing network represented by the S.S.11 and the future road junction of Cascina Gobba, the subway works for the underground line MM2 Milan-Gorgonzola and the Canale Naviglio Martesana, a new multi-storey car park and the reorganization of all relevant utilities, including new sewers and the rainwater drainage and treatment systems.

The need to provide for roadbed water stratification together with the various ground surface heights in the district led to building three large interconnected basins in order to guarantee safety requirements in the residential areas in emergencies. The construction of the portion of the underpass which crosses the metro line led to choosing a series of special working processes able to ensure the flow of trains during all building stages. The Martesana canal underpass was a problem from the work scheduling point of view. It was solved by building a prefabricated structure off site which was then pushed into its final position when the canal was dry, after which an artificial canal bed was laid.