Buildings & Town planning

Maciachini Center in Milan

Upgrading of the access road network to new multipurpose district
Owner/client Maciachini Properties
Type of service Preliminary and Final Design
Location Milan
Period 2004
Cost € 3.800.000

The project concerned alterations to the road system in connection with the construction of a new multipurpose district in the Milan City council area, called the Maciachini Center.

The project involved an area of 70,000 square meters with the aim of creating a new service industry centre comprising a business park, services, accommodation areas, a fitness centre, shopping areas, 13,000 square meters in open spaces, a theatre, a museum and public and private car parks.

The aim of the road project was to develop the outer edge and access roads to the new district from the point of view of fitting in with existing roads and the urban context. This was done by optimizing and inspecting the traffic flow in the project areas and the accessibility of the areas themselves in accordance with the various design requirements and the existing road and pedestrian systems.

The design solutions involved redeveloping and upgrading the road system concerned by reorganizing the carriageways (pavements, green verge, road network, parking area and cycle path) and increasing the crosswise connections.

The part of the road network involved in the project consists of the north-south Imbonati Street and Crespi Street artery and east-west Bracco Street, Bovio Street and De Conti Street artery.


Reorganization of Crespi street (sidewalk, cycling lane, parking area and green belt); redevelopment of Imbonati street (removal of the disused rails).

Road upgrade

Two-way direction in Bovio street; upgrade of Bracco street (two-way direction).

Pedestrian link

Pedestrian link between Maciachini square and the 'North Park'.