Roads & Motorways

Overpass over the A7 motorway

New access roads to the D4 Area in the municipality of Assago
Owner/client Milanofiori 2000 s.r.l.
Type of service Final and Detailed Design; Safety Coordination Design
Location Assago
Period 2007 - 2009
Cost € 8.150.000

The planned measure is a key element in the connection between the built-up area and the new multifunctional development area located east of the Milan-Genoa motorway.

The new road system is a part of the works for the development of the new multifunctional settlement named 'D4 Area', and it consists of two roundabouts linked to the existing road network and one main road passing over the A7 motorway Milan-Genoa through a new viaduct. The location of the roundabouts and the geometrical choices concerning the road have been studied based on the future intercity connection between the residential areas of Rozzano and Assago.

The work of art passing over the A7 motorway Milan-Genoa has a total length of 209.50 meters along a radius of curvature variable between 151 and 296 meters. The work consists of five spans of 35+46+46+46+35 meters, and it is made of a steel/concrete mixed structure.


Due to the high natural value of the environment in which the new works shall be carried out, several measures have been defined in terms of environmental mitigation and landscape setting, aimed at mitigating impact during construction and operation, namely:

1) Laying of new trees and bushes to conceal structures and road embankments;

2) Solving of any hydraulic interferences with the hydrographic network by keeping the watercourses in their natural beds;

3) Arrangement and implementation of the intake structures from water bodies for irrigation of agricultural areas.

'Del Parco' Viaduct: L=209.50 m with curved axis and variable radius (151÷296 m), width 17.75 m, 5 spans (35+46+46+35 m), mixed steel/cls section, 4 reinforced concrete piers (rounded blade shape).