Roads & Motorways

Link Road S.P.39 - S.P.40

Connection between S.P. 'Cerca' and S.P. 'Binaschina' in the municipality of Melegnano
Owner/client Province of Milan
Type of service Final Design; Environmental Impact Assessment
Location Melegnano
Period 2006 - 2008
Cost € 26.461.000

PRO ITER Prog. Infrastr. Terr. (66%); Erre.Vi.A.

The design concerns a new direct connection between the two province roads, outside the built-up area of Melegnano, in order to optimize general operation of the road network and, at the same time, improve sound and climate conditions in the built-up area.

Purpose of the design is to separate transiting traffic from local traffic by means of a road route which, originating from the existing roundabout at the crossroads between the S.P.40 'Binaschina' and the S.S.9 'via Emilia' north of Melegnano, develops along the perimeter of the built-up area, passes over the Cavo Vettabbia and the Lambro river, and joins the S.P.39 just south of the industrial area of Colturano.

The main features of the design are the landscape-environmental setting, the hydraulic compatibility study for the crossing of the Lambro river and the Cavo Redefossi and the creation of a work – the bridge over the Lambro – of high architectural and landscape value.

The bridge is characterized by a deck of cast-in-place reinforced and pre-stressed concrete, developing over a length of 576 meters and supported by straddle piers which divide the span into parts, thereby forming a number of successive depressed arches that combine the traditional architectural shapes of the arches with modern construction technologies.

Bridge on the Lambro river

576 meters long, 8 spans, monolithic section in prestressed concrete with post-tensioned cables in place, piers 'at lowered arch'.

Arch bridge on the Redefossi canal

Span 30 meters long, 6.80 meters height, in reinforced concrete cast in situ.

Footbridge on the Lambro river

Steel footbridge with span 30 meters long, raised in case of extraordinary flood.

The final project for a new link road between S.P.39 and S.P.40 located in the municipalities of Melegnano, San Giuliano Milanese and Colturano includes:

1) The construction of a new road with a total length of approx. 1'419 meters, which is connected to the existing roads by means of two at-grade roundabout intersection. The whole route is in embankment at heights ranging from 3.00 to 7.00 meters over the natural surface; the crossing of the relevant watercourses is made possible by two bridges, the most important of which crosses the Lambro, and is 576.0 meters long. The other bridge, crossing the Redefossi channel, has a single span of 25.0 meters;
2) The construction of a footway and cycle lane in slight embankment, 780 meters long, crossing the Lambro by means of a footbridge with 30.0 meters span (which can be lifted due to interference with the overflow areas of the Lambro), and including a subsequent subway under the design road with a box-shaped construction;
3) The upgrading of the 'Percorso dei Giganti' (Path of the Giants) for a total length of approx. 1'075 meters to create a footway and cycle lane.