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Footbridge on the S.P.5

A new arch footbridge in the province of Milano
Owner/client Province of Milan
Type of service Preliminary, Final and Detailed Design
Location Cinisello Balsamo and Sesto San Giovanni Municipalities
Period 2008 - 2010
Cost € 2.600.000

The relevant area is located on the boundary between the municipalities of Cinisello Balsamo and Sesto San Giovanni. It is a single-span cycle and footbridge with a net span of about 63 meters and useful width of 4 meters.

The positioning and geometry of the deck and of the approach ramps have been influenced by several factor. In particular:

1) future underground laying of the S.P.5 and compatibility with the artificial tunnel;

2) position of the existing subway (about 20 meters north);

3) need to keep the current petrol pump in operation.


The choice of a single span has been driven by the need for a work that fits in well with both the status quo and the future artificial tunnel, in order not to compromise the feasibility of the works in both technical and organizational terms through the inclusion of a central pier.

On the other hand, the presence of a subway with the relevant stair bodies made it necessary to move the footbridge about 20 meters south of the existing work. The approach ramps to the footbridge are about 80 meters wide, and they run along the Fulvio Testi road both northwards and southwards.