Competency, multidisciplinarity, sustainability

Pro Iter Group

Competency, multidisciplinarity, sustainability

Three engineering firms specializing in buildings, infrastructures, environment...

PRO ITER Group, private and independent, provides a talent pool of specialists, working, in synergy, in the controlled companies. We are planners, designers, consultants and advisors on every aspect of infrastructure development and environmental protection. We provide the same personalized services as a boutique specialist firm while, at the same time, summoning a multidisciplinary and holistic team to undertake large comprehensive projects.

... and one specializing in project verification

The engineering companies will be joined in 2023, as a spin-off of PRO ITER Infrastrutture, the Company that makes project control and verification its core business, capitalizing on the skills of its sister companies gained over 30 years of presence in the market and guaranteeing its impartiality, independence and third-party judgment through accreditation as an inspection body under the international standard UNI CEI EN 17020.